Power to Be is a CIC and Social Enterprise with two broad aims.

  1. To promote mental health and well-being through counselling, CBT sessions, coaching and mentoring.

2. To provide education and training to children, young people and adults on topics such as; resilience, mental toughness, growth mindset and British values. Through training and delivery as well as speaking events.

Power to Be believes that everyone has the power to be whoever or whatever they choose no matter what their background, cultural beliefs, age or gender. Together with valuing kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathy. We therefore hope to empower everyone to live their lives a little more kind.


I believe everyone has a story to share, something that has impacted on who they are, what they become and ultimately the choices and decisions they make. In brief being a British born, young independent female with an Indian and African upbringing, life wasn’t without its challenges. Consequently I battled with exploring what my  identity was, feeling accepted for who I am and trying to ‘fit’ into western society. I challenged the ‘status quo’ of what was acceptable and worthy and continue to challenge stereotypes.

Deeply passionate about youth voice, leadership and engaging a younger workforce. I’ve actively supported young people prior to completing university, where I volunteered and campaigned for youth voice in education. In my career, I have worked in very challenging situations. Working with gangs, helping to change and challenge mindsets and explore alternative ways to help them resolve challenges they face. My experience spans across working with public sector organisations, corporate, not-for-profit and educational sectors where I’ve delivered training, coaching, mentoring and counselling sessions. I’ve also supported businesses to engage and empower a young workforce with consultancy and training. I’ve spoken to many audiences for example, conferences, school assemblies and events talking about a variety of topics.


I remember the day well when Insia rang me and said ‘So I’ve decided to start a business’. After realising she wasn’t joking, I knew I was on board and would love to be a part of it. For the first two years of the business I worked on delivering the training alongside Insia as well as making sure all the accounts, organisation and strategic operations were in order. I now work full time running the business alongside Insia.

We often talk about the fact it is never too late to change direction or the path you are on. I am living proof of this. Having originally decided on a career at sea, after an assembly at school. I landed myself a scholarship to attend Plymouth University studying a degree in Nautical Science and working away as a navigation officer. Unfortunately, whilst being away I received some news which meant I caught the first plane back from Dubai to the UK to be with my family. However this helped me to realise I wanted something different. I decided to go back to what I was passionate about and worked as an outdoor instructor for many years. After deepening my passion for working with young people I went on to work as a Teaching Assistant a primary school, working with young people with challenging behaviour. I then had the privilege of being invited to work for an organisation delivering training. Something I never believed I would ever have the confidence to do!

I’m deeply passionate about challenging the gender stereotypes and helping all people to believe in themselves. Irrespective of their gender, race, background or past experiences they can make their aspirations come true even if it isn’t what they first thought they were going to do.