I have worked in partnership with schools for several years and always loved it. Supporting Head teachers, senior leaders, staff and young people all with one common goal. To make a difference.

My work has taken me far and wide but my local community is important to me. Whilst I’m a born and bred Brummie I’ve lived in Northamptonshire for just over 3 years and now it’s what I call home.

I’ve never been on a school governing body before so when I was invited to join at Risdene Academy the answer was simple… Yes. After spending time chatting to the wonderful Head, Senior Leadership team and the Chair of Governors there was one thing that screamed at me. We all cared passionately about wanting the best for young people. We had nothing but hope, belief and determination to making a difference irrespective of the challenges we are faced with and of course there are many. Budgets, behaviour, environment I could go on. None of it is or will be a barrier just a hurdle to find a way through.

There is one thing I’ve learnt in my years working with schools, they are more than just their Ofsted report.

I love the atmosphere, buzz, the love of learning that I see when I’m at the school. Teachers who are brilliant at what they do. Going the extra mile not because they have to but because they choose to. I’ll be spending more time in the school, getting to know the staff and young people and will be sharing more on my blog and updates but until then, thank you Risdene Academy for inviting me to be a part of the journey.