I’m Sorry

I’ve thought long and hard about writing this post and my mind has gone in all sorts of topsy turvy ways. Wanting to remain upbeat and positive which I believe is essential in times like this but also feeling the weight and burden of the reality that is currently our world. Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week has been run by the Mental Health Foundation since 2001. It is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health and mental health problems and inspire action to promote the message of good mental health for all.

One of the questions I get asked most often is ‘Do the people you work with all generally fit into the same box’ the answer is simply NO! Read More

Happy 1st Birthday Power to Be

Today we are celebrating the fact that it has officially been one whole year since Power to Be was launched. The decision to do so was made after being made redundant and being diagnosed with MS. It was time to start making the dream a reality. No more What if’s and If only’s. Read More

Facing the Fear

We all have fears, things that scare us, make our heart race and give us that fight or flight feeling. Being in that panic zone is not quite as simple as saying ‘Just do it there is nothing to worry about.’ You have to find ways that help you work through the intense feeling of fear and panic and people around you can be a huge help with that. Read More

An open letter to myself – 1 year on

Time is a healer but time is also the most expensive gift you can give someone. Exactly a year ago life became very interesting now by ‘interesting’ I don’t necessarily mean a nice new car, great holidays and a fancy new job no it was something quite the opposite. Unfortunately, I lost my job, got very un-well, was diagnosed with MS and realised that finding a job and getting back on my feet wasn’t quite as easy as I hoped. Read More

Get on with it!

So this blog post is one that I’ve procrastinated for, well quite simply, for ages…! I’ve contemplated what to say, or not say and then luckily for me a wonderful friend of mine, who is also my housemate, quite simply and bluntly told me to ‘Get on with it!’ well it’s quite hard to argue with that or run away from because well where do I go?! Read More

Knowing is Belonging

Identity is an area we all at some point will have thought about, talked about, questioned, think we’ve got it and then maybe re-questioned it all over again. I hear so many young people and adults say; ‘I don’t know who I am’ It’s not a question you can answer overnight. Read More

True to ME

There are many words and phrases that have been used to describe me over the years, some are kind, some not so much. But there have been a few consistent words, comments and phrases which have stuck and well quite frankly, they’re true. Read More