Community organisations cover a wide range of activities at the community level. These are aimed at bringing about improvement in the social well-being of individuals, groups, organisations, as well as whole neighbourhoods. We believe this is something worth celebrating and as such, strive to support community organisations to do even more, and even better work in their areas.

Through a series of development opportunities for staff within community organisations as well as working with young people too. We believe we can make a difference to them as well as the community they represent.

Power to be is proud of the work we have had the privilege of being part of. Working most recently with the Northamptonshire Emergency Service Cadets Scheme (NESC) to support both their leaders and young people.

Community Organisation Staff Training
Community Organisation Young Person Training

Our most popular training programmes for staff include:

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Understanding and Dealing with Challenging Behaviour
  • Resilience Education
  • Authentic Youth Leadership and Voice
  • Working with young people with Learning Difficulties or Mental Health issues.

Our most popular training programmes for young people include:

  • Aspirations & Future Thinking
  • Transitions in Life
  • Decision Making
  • Power & Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Mindsets
  • Strengths & Identity

All our training programmes are bespoke and because of this, they can be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation. Following the training we provide an impact report providing you with feedback and evaluations from the training.

To find out more about how we can support your community organisation contact us for more information.