britishI was invited back for the second year running to speak to students at Concord College in the beautiful Shropshire. The topic was all about British Values followed by an insightful debate about whether they are solely British Values or Universal Values.

Students were aged 17 and above and from all parts of the world, sharing their thoughts and values. It created a brilliant spark of conversations and debate.

british-2“Insia’s presentation on British values was insightful and stimulating. Her delivery style is informal but polished and she was able to make all of the topics broached highly relevant to our students. I would recommend Insia for any school looking to explore British values in more depth.”

C.Desvaux – Head of PSHE, Concord College

Being a British born female with an Indian and African upbringing my identity is something that I am not only proud of but one that I love to share. I spoke about my own journey and what British Values means to me and how students can live the British Values within their own school, classroom and community.