The wonderful Millfield School in Somerset, kindly invited me to give an impactful assembly to their upper sixth on the topics of; British Values, Racism and Immigration. As part of this I spoke about the challenges I face on a daily basis due to Islamophobia and racism.

Islamophobia is a constant battle in my life and strongly resurfaces every time there is any kind of terror attack or incident here in the UK or abroad. No matter who is involved, no matter who the target, no matter who the perpetrator is. These incidents have a massive impact on the overall thinking of the population in the UK and abroad.

Mr Whiskerd from Millfield School felt it was important for his upper sixth students to truly understand this impact. I was given the opportunity to share my story, speak about my family, identity, and what is important to me.

The young people were receptive and open to hearing about my challenges, therefore making great representatives for the change that I hope we begin to see in the world. But this can only happen when we start exploring each other’s cultures, religions, beliefs and identity. Speaking and listening to each other is the key to change. Thank you to Millfield School Staff and Students for opening up the conversation.

Remember – I am not a Jam Jar, don’t put a label on me or anyone else.

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